Meet Our Team: IT Manager, Joseph Krasnov

Welcome to the team Joe Krasnov! Joe is our new IT manager and has been rocking our world here at Encore Creative with his extensive knowledge and expertise! He’s just what the IT Doc ordered. Here’s a brief survey to help you to get to know Joe!

Name: Joseph Krasnov

Position: IT Manager

Brief background:  I attended Pace University and spent the last few years self-employed. My areas of expertises include Networking, iPhone, Android, Blackberry–basically any kind of computer or cell phone.

Favorite part of your job: Being able to help people do their job better.

Why are you excited to be on the Encore Team? They keep me on my toes, the people at Encore are extremely fun to work with.  Everyone made feel right home from the first day, and it has a family environment.

What do you do for FUN?! Watch Hockey, Baseball and football, go out with my wife and sometime with the kids.  I like to try different kinds of food, hang out with friends and family.

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On July 1, 2013