A Life-Long Mystery Solved: Decoding Music Industry Fees

by Jeff Lowy, President, Encore Creative Like so many millions of other “wannabes,” I started writing music when I was six or seven years old.  None of it was any good, but I was lucky and determined enough to get a recording contract when I was 19 and sold a couple of songs that were recorded on a major label, published, and distributed.  Dutifully, I joined BMI, in the hopes of having a hit on my hands and bazillions of dollars streaming into my bank account for years to come. Naturally, that never happened (it happens to one in more...

On April 25, 2014


The Two Most Dangerous Phrases in the English Language

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” OR “We’ve Always Done it This Way” by Jeff Lowy, President Believe it or not, these are two of the most dangerous phrases anyone (especially a GM or Manager) in any organization can ever use. We all know the myriad of reasons why these phrases should never be used, how maddening they can be, and yet, we hear them all the time. The only one that’s better is “Its company policy.” Just what a customer wants to hear when they’re already angry over something that would likely take a second to fix. Now,...

On April 1, 2014


In Loving Memory: Kevin Crowder

Last week we lost a member of the Encore Creative Family. Kevin Crowder was our Print Shop Manager & Fabricator, and was a loyal team member for over seven years. He will be remembered for his incredibly funny spirit and kind heart. Thank you Kevin for all that you did to make our company a success. We'll miss you Kevo, rest easy brother.

On March 25, 2014


The most important question to ask any event planner. Ever.

By Jeff Lowy, President I recently read an article in BizBash about the 16 things to ask your event designer, and in typical BizBash fashion, their suggestions were spot-on and possibly a more intense than things I might think to ask an event design team. There are two major “types” of clients: social and corporate. Surprisingly, many of them have the same needs and would likely need to ask the same types of questions: budget questions, service questions, and an array of questions to determine what each party should expect of the other. This list has continued to grow over...

On March 13, 2014


The Oscars: Expectations Vs. Reality

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative I really can’t say with any degree of confidence (or humility) that I’m qualified to “judge” the quality of a nationally televised, enormous, bazillion dollar budget, watched by billions of people, awards ceremony, but since everyone has an opinion (and some of mine are pretty strong) I’ll weigh in on the Oscars as probably millions of bloggers across the universe have already done. Actually, I’m going to weigh in on the Oscars (and every other live television “event”) with the unique perspective of the meeting planner; mostly as it relates to our mutual expectations....

On March 5, 2014


Easy or Better? The Evolution Of Event Planning

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative We live in a new world (as it pertains to events of all types) at least when you’re looking at it from my perspective: that of an “in-denial,” yet hopelessly middle-aged businessperson whose company was founded before the advent of fax machines and desktop computers, let alone social media, tablets, and terms like “engagement,” or “experiential marketing.”  Seriously, I started my company with a pegboard accounting system (you youngsters will have to Google that one), two IBM Selectric typewriters, and a couple of phones with red “hold” buttons.  Thank God I’m not old enough...

On February 25, 2014


What’s the Cost of Creativity?

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative According to LinkedIn, two of the most overused words in resumes and in company names in the corporate world are “creativity” and innovative.  Synergy and passion are close seconds.  Yet, as I plead guilty to my company overusing both of these words, and actually include them in our name, along with hundreds of likely competitors, I wonder how much value, if any is placed on the creative process by meeting and event planners? As we all continue to strive for that next event, whether it be an “experiential” (another choice buzzword) branding event, synergistic...

On February 18, 2014


Glitz, Glam and Gold at This Year’s Jammy Awards

We had the pleasure of designing the Jammy Awards in partnership with Circa Arizona for McGraw-Hill held this week in Phoenix. From gilded gold bar fronts to touches of 24 karats throughout the room, glitzy drape and a dramatic fabric swag red carpet entry, it was all about sparkle and glitz.  

On January 8, 2014


Rendez-Zoo: An Enchanted Evening

Encore has had the honor of working with the Phoenix Zoo on several occasions and this year’s Rendez-Zoo was an extra special evening for a very worthy cause. We designed furniture groupings, and multiple lighting treatments that created a very festive atmosphere.

On November 11, 2013


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